7th Grade Student Supply List for 2017-2018


Mrs. Alvarez

___3-ring binder (1-inch)

___2 Packages loose leaf paper

___12+ Pencils

Mrs. Kemper

___Spiral notebook

___Pocket folder

___12+ Pencils


Mrs. Loutzenhiser / Mr. Wassilak

___Twin pocket folder with fasteners

___Composition Notebook

___2 Large Glue Stick (kept in the classroom)

Social Studies:

Ms. Blakley / Mr. Harnew

Items to be kept in the classroom:

___Spiral notebook

___Pocket folder

___Earbuds for class (inexpensive works perfectly)

___Colored Pencils


Language Arts:

Ms. Blakley / Mrs. Murvine / Mrs. Olsen

___3-ring binder with pockets inside the cover (1-inch)

___Tab dividers for binder (set of 5)

___Package of loose leaf paper

___2 red pens

___2 different color highlighters

Communication Arts:

Ms. Blakley

___Composition notebook

___Pocket folder



___Pocket folder

___Loose leaf paper

___1 package 3x5 index cards (100-200 count)

___2 Dry erase markers (to stay in classroom)


General Supplies:

___Scientific calculator

___3 large boxes of tissues for homeroom

___Blue or Black pens (minimum of 6)

___Additional No. 2 pencils or mechanical pencils

___Glue Sticks